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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm At the Junction of Practicality and Interest, Waiting for the Light to Turn Green...

This blog will probably be pretty short and to the point, a refreshing change after my previous extended discussions. (Plus, it makes the reading this look less formidable to my audience when they see variety rather than a huge block of print, doesn't it? Lol)

Anyways, like I said, I'm currently idling at a crossroad in my life, trying to decide on a career. God has gifted me with the ability to write well, to paint pictures inside peoples' minds; but He's also given me a deep and abiding interest in human psychology, in motivation and in helping others.

I know, I know: I should write for a psychology journal. ;-)- Don't think that hasn't crossed my mind.

What has also crossed my mind in the past month, however, is how much I love people. Those of you that know me are probably perplexed at this problematic paragraph and its pretentious propositions (I absolutely adore alliteration, don't you? ;-)-; perhaps I can prevent some preconceptions and present some prescriptions. Lol.

I have a love for people. Not the love that an extrovert has for people, which manifests itself in being a social and outgoing person, but the love of a friend who really, truly wants to help his peers. I stand by my friends through good times and hard times, and love to try and encourage them as best I can.

I'm also extremely interested in leadership, especially during times of war. What makes men follow some leaders and desert others? What made men like Alexander the Great or William Wallace into heroes that were able to rally their men under their banner, in good times and bad times? What made men willingly charge into battle and die with them, without ever taking a backward step? Like I said, it's all very intriguing to me.

Please pray that I would recieve direction from God as to a career choice. May He bless you abundantly over this coming weekend and may you offer yourself to him as a soldier offers himself to his commander without fear, knowing that his captain is watching out for him.
God Bless.



~*~elizabeth said...

Will pray. We are waiting to see what God has for you with the expectant air of a concert in the silence before the master violinist plays the first note. We know it will be something awesome. Be patient, be ready, and don't be surprised when you get your answer!

Corey said...

I will be praying too buddy! As Elizabeth has already said, I know God has awesome plans for you "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" Jeremiah 29:11 (I'm slowly getting the hang of supporting my posts with verses... ever have those times where you know there is a verse but you just can't seem to remember enough of it to find it? A consequence of not being very diligent in memorization... :( anyway...). Also don't think just because I supposedly have a career picked out and being educated on that I know anymore of what the future holds then you do. Only God knows that so continue to trust in him "hardcore"! Just as an example, my dad also went to school for mechanical engineering but he was never hired as one. Some fyi for you to digest. Also there is no set rule that says you need to start college this year. Wait on God and listen for those doors to either shut or squeal open. Patience I've learned is something that takes quite a bit of time (and patience) to even begin seeing happen naturally (and no, I still haven't really reached that point). This is probably all preaching to the choir but it's flowing out of the fingers which are attached to the heart. God bless!