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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inspiration in the Life of Daniel.

So today, God led me to read the book of Daniel. I've read it before, but as I dug into it today God really highlighted the inspirational habits, admirable qualities, and awesome life of this man of God. I've compiled a list of the qualities that stood out the most to me. Anybody have any ideas of how we can live these qualities out in our own lives?

• He had resolve in refusing to defile himself (Daniel 1:8).
• He was able to negotiate without compromising (Daniel 1:8).
• He creatively solved problems (Daniel 1:12-13).
• He had wisdom (Daniel 2:14).
• He had tact (Daniel 2:14).
• He adapted quickly to change and took advantage of opportunities (Daniel 1:19-20).
• He realized that it’s lonely at the top-so he brought reliable companions with him who could
assist him (Daniel 2:49).
• He was honest (Daniel 4:27).
• He was trustworthy (Daniel 6:4)
• He gave credit to God (Daniel 2:27-30).
• He was not corrupt (Daniel 6:4).
• He was not negligent (Daniel 6:4).
• He distinguished himself by his exceptional qualities (Daniel 6:3).
• He didn’t complain about things beyond his control; instead his first response was to pray for
them (Daniel 6:10).
• He didn’t chase after prestige or wealth; instead he did everything with excellence and worldly
success became a by-product of this attitude (Daniel 5:17, 29).
• He had a disciplined prayer life (Daniel 6:10).
• He had a repentant heart and interceded for his nation (Daniel 9:4-20).
• He set his mind to gain understanding (Daniel 10:12).
• He humbled himself before God (Daniel 10:12).

God Bless!

Shane Latham

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