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Saturday, May 30, 2009

"The Prison"

This is a poem God blessed me with very early in the morning on May 8th, 2009. It concerns our vices and personal demons, and our tendency as Christians to, often willingly, succumb to the Devil's schemes and deceptions. Yet it ends redemptively, demonstrating God's total omnipotence and authority over evil, while simultaneously showcasing his loving willingness to come to our rescue. It is born out of my own personal struggle, yet I believe it's still universally applicable, and so I include it
here. I hope it comforts you in the trials you endure.
Shane Latham
"The Prison"
By Shane Latham
It's early morning, I'm still tossing and turning
I've re-entered my mental prison, against my will I'm returning
I see the chains on the walls and the blood on the floor
Everything left just as it was before
I pick up the chains, snap them on with a click
Though part of Me's healthy, part of Me's sick
I bare my back for the whip, prepared for the torture
Though it feels just, it's wrong I'm sure
The accuser of my soul stands momentarily victorious
His demons screech triumphantly, "He actually believed us!"
My enemy draws back the whip, his glare full of hate
I hang my head, resigned to my fate
The lash whistles through the air
I fear the scar I'll bear
I scream to God, "Take this pain from me!"
The faithful prayers of his saints rise around me
With a thunderous cry, with an earsplitting boom
The glorious Lord enters the room
With a single blow He crushes Satan in his glee
As my chains fall to the floor I realize I'm free
With Satan conquered I see his deception
How I let him infiltrate my mind and form the perception
That I needed the counterfeit joys and the lies that he gave
Instead of taking that thought captive, I became its slave
But now I see the Deceiver with new eyes
With God next to me, I have no need for his lies
I fall down before Jesus, and with eyes full of tears
I confess past sins, longings, and fears
With an outstretched arm He lifts me from the dirt where I lay
As I look into His compassionate gaze He wipes my tears away
Afraid of straying again, I cry "O Lord, what must I do?"
He replies, "Remember I am with you always.
Remain in me, and I will remain in you."


~*~elizabeth said...


PS: Well done on the form and rhyme.

slimshaney said...

Thank you! I was tossing and turning around 4 a.m. that morning, battling with all the things I discussed in the poem, depressed and defeated and depleted. Totally unable to sleep b/c of my racing thoughts, I pulled out my journal and prayed. It was like God poured that entire poem into my brain, and it spilled into my hands and overflowed out onto the page. Totally showed me how we're just the vessels, you know? It was really cool.

I'm glad it blessed you. Have a super day and hopefully I'll see you sometime in the next month or so! (Before I leave, I mean). ttyl!