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Monday, October 1, 2007

Conformity vs. Popularity

I'm short on time so, consequently, this post will also be short.

Lately I've begun to wonder if I'm too serious. It almost seems like I've got a serious case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde going on sometimes. I tend to enjoy things that none of my other peers do (Seinfeld, ancient history, and books on psychology to name a few), which makes me feel very distant from them most of the time.
I do have the capacity to spend my time in the most trivial ways, playing PS2, shooting hoops, or watching SpongeBob SquarePants, which almost has all the educational value of Silly Songs with Larry.

But on another level, I tend to crave serious conversation with my peers, and almost loathe discussions exclusively revolving around the mundane. I spent most of the past four years of my life talking about nothing but music, movies and video games with my closest friends, and I've gotten to the point where that just doesn't do it for me anymore.

I find myself wondering lately, Am I normal? Does my appreciation of my parent's music (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc) label me as a throwback from the past generation? Does my appreciation of things like ancient history, Psychology, and politics render me stuffy and boring in the eyes of my peers?

And then I begin to ask myself another question...what IS normal, and do I really want to obtain it?

Our culture tells us that to be normal is to like the same big bands that millions of people listen to, to shop at Hollister, and that image is everything. While I never want to mindlessly conform to those around me, I find myself walking the thin line between conformity and popularity.

Don't misunderstand. In my heart of hearts I know that God's opinion is all that matters, and that I really don't need to care about man's opinion. Lately it seems, however, that my knowledge of this fact has been put in a chokehold by my desire to fit in and be appreciated by my peers. Everybody wants to fit in, and I am no exception. Maybe I should spend more time where I feel I am greater appreciated for just being me, or maybe I'll never fit into that coveted mold that makes lots of people want to hear your views and get your feedback.
A lot to think about, I guess. Like I said, I know that I shouldn't care about other's opinion, and that God's is the only one that truly matters. Still, it doesn't change my desire to be accepted. I guess I'll sleep on it and see if I get any insight from reading the insides of my eyelids for a few hours.


Eliza said...
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Eliza said...

"Maybe I should spend more time where I feel I am greater appreciated for just being me..." You know where that place is? It's at the feet of God, that quiet place where you can hear God telling you, "I made you, and I knew what I was doing. You are what you are because I made you that way, and I love you." If you can get your affirmation from God and not people, you can be unconcerned about being like other people (isn't that what "normal" and "fitting in" is all about?). Instead, be like Jesus (that's what being a "Jesus freak" is all about.)

slimshaney said...

Thanx for the reminder. That's good advice.


Corby said...

Hey Shane! I know what you're feeling. Liz is right. God made each of us the way he wanted. God doesn't say "Oops." I'd bet that if you where to look into the "normal" peoples lives you'd find them feeling empty and confused. Why? Because they are trying to be someone they aren't. It'd be like me suddenly deciding that I want to be a doctor or something. Sure I'd make great money but it's not the dreams and desires God gave me so in the end I'd feel lost, empty and confused.

Also, I'd love to have a deep conversation with you. One of the reasons I like hanging with you all is that we don't constently talk about movies(specially since I haven't seen half of them) and such. Please, feel free to start something deep and thoughful with me. We've gotten a pretty consistent group of friends. I say we try to get that Bible study thing started on Saturdays or whatever day works best. If you and others are still interested, lets talk. :)

Corey <><

P.S. Don't forget to check my blog out at http://corby89.blogspot.com/
everyone. ;)