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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Video Games and Japanese Animation Go Hand-In-Hand!

Don't bother looking for a deep spiritual parallel in this post, because there isn't one. This is just some surface stuff about me and some of the stuff I've done over the week.

Well for starters, last night me and the bro were over at Mark's house and I played Halo 3 for the first time. Before anybody can raise any possible questions about the total supremacy of this third edition over the first two, I will shout you all down and say "IT WAS TOTALLY FREAKING AMAZING!!!" Lol it was awesome. I got Mark with a rocket launcher a few times, mwhaha.
;-)- The new vechiles and weapons are definitely a step up from the first two installations in the series, to say nothing of the graphics. I particualrly enjoyed the addition of the gravity hammer and the elephant. ;-)- So, basically, it was absofreakinlutely incredible. ;-)-

I also read my first manga on Monday. For those of you who don't know, manga is Japanese for "comic book." Though I'm not a huge fan of anime, the art in manga is amazing because it conveys so clearly what the characters are thinking and feeling. I read 200 pages in one hour.

My good buddy Jared recommended BLACK CAT, a Shonen Jump title, for me. I trusted him that it was clean, and it is. It was written and drawn by Kentaro Yabuki.

Beware of the dark side of the manga, however. Most of them are rated, so make sure to check the ratings! They have some unbelievably over-the-top stuff in some of them, but the clean ones are really cool! The Matrix was hugely influenced by Japnese animation, as the Wachowski brothers are huge anime and manga aficionados. ;-)-

Anyways, my only deep thought for this post is that I might be going on a missions trip pretty soon. Please pray that I would recieve direction as to whether or not I'm supposed to go, because it is a huge financial and time commitment.

God Bless.

Slim Shaney

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slimshaney said...

Read BLACK CAT. It's a Shonen Jump title, which are usually for boys but I'm pretty sure you'd like it. It's about tow bounty hunters, Train and Sven. Lots of gunfights. ;-)-

The ones for girls are called SHOJO...but I'd beware of those, because from what I've heard they typically have a high amount of sexual content in them. Honestly, the first time I just picked a manga up at the library and flipped through it without checking the rating, it just wasn't good!!! In Japan they put stuff in their comics that American comic writers would never dream of putting in theirs (probably to avoid lawsuits!!!). Trust me, they can be quite offensive. :-(-

But BLACK CAT is awesome. There is some talk of Taoism (Japanese mysticism) in the book but that's as far as the objectionable content goes. I read four books in the series in three days...and all of them are 200 pages long!!!
I love it. I was watching the making of the Animatrix (you know they actually made anime related to the Matrix movies??? I remeber you said you like the Matrix. Isn't a guy's memory great? Lol.)
They have books on how to draw manga at the library. How's your university library, by the way?

At some point I need to get you a copy of my first book!!! Grr!!! I need to have more printed.

As of now I don't own any manga...but that will change very soon, lol. Borders is my number-one hangout here, without question. And I get books from the library booksales half-off...I've already bought like eight books, and they're usually only around 75 cents. Quality stuff, too, if you look hard enough...I got Truman Capote's In Cold Blood (amazing book, the first non-fiction novel), two sci-fi books by C.S. Lewis, The Best of Isaac Asimov, To Kill a Mockingbird, etc. And I still haven't read any of them yet (!), cuz I got distracted with manga.

I don't mind if you tease me about not letting you borrow my book. I have thick skin, lol. You have a great day as well. Remember, we are praying for you! I read your Xanga all the time, but since I don't have one I can't comment! Grr! Oh well it's still really cool stuff.

Yeah, our phone chat was funny...
I had no idea who you were. Nobody ever calls me on my cell except my parents and my bro, so I was totally mystified. And then when I found out it was you (and that you thought I was Caleb, lol), that cracked me up. ;-)-

Anyways, keep God first and have a great time down there! I'll probably see you around Christmas time; you'll have to bring plenty of pics of Texas! God Bless.